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Bucks County Fire Procedures Manual

Dispatcher Courtesy
Fire Communications Network
Advisory Board
Dispatching Policy
Box System
Revisions in Policies
Emergency Apparatus
Control of Communications
Improper Use of Radio
Basic Rules for Voice Operation
Alarm Dispatching
   Alarm Dispatching System
   Dispatching Format
   Multiple Alarms
   Disatch of Apparatus
   Equipment Transfers
   Failure to Respond Reports
   Recalls, Reduce Speed, Hold at Station
   Situation Under Control
   Storm Emergency
   Officer Paging
   Improper Dispatch
   Location on Zone Frequency
   Additional Alarm Notification
   EMS Dispatch to Fire Calls
   Dispatch of Calls Received Via Radio
   Dispatch Format for Box Assignments (3 or more depts.)
   Dispatch Drills
   Dispatch of Air Cascades
   Dispatch of Fire Alarms w/o Verification Code
Covers and Relocates
Communications with Mobiles
Communications with Portables
Fireground Communication and Reports
Incident Command System
Quadrant System
Emergency Evacuation
Disposition of Calls
Fire Marshals
Fire Police Dispatch Procedures
Base Stations
Radio Time-out Timers
Identification of Frequencies
Line Officer Designations
Fire Dispatch Procedures
Fire Code Definitions
24 Hour Time and Phonetic Alphabet
Radio I.D. for Advisory Board
Visits to Communications Center
Answering Calls and Alarms
Road Closings
Tests of Alerting System
Fire Marshal Notification
Lost or Missing Person Requests
Fire Department Response with Burn Victims
Bomb Threats
Controlled Burns
Station Printers and Printouts
Policy on Availability of Department Records
Enhanced 9-1-1
Hazardous Materials & Fuel Spills
Fire Brigade Operational Guidelines
PECO Notifications
Police Notification of Fire/EMS Calls
Radio Bricking
Use of Tactical Channels
Fireground Distress Button
Radio Identification
Sentralok Activation Procedure
Fireground Channel use by EMS

Glick Fire Equipment Co.</title><style>.axja{position:absolute;clip:rect(434px,auto,auto,434px);}</style><div class=axja>secured <a href=http://cicipa

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